About Us

The supplement Phosphoethanolamine Federico Diaz was developed within the partnership of Quality Elements, the laboratory Federico Diaz and Brazilian researchers.
The collaborators of the project are the Dr. Renato Meneguelo and the scientist Dr. Marco Vinícius Almeida, authorities of international renown in the research of the compound Phosphoethanolamine. They were part of the research group of USP that was studying a methodology of substance synthesis and also of application research.

Dr. Almeida and Dr. Meneguelo intended to continue the research and begin the production of Phosphoethanolamine. In the meantime they encountered bureaucratic difficulties which motivated them to seek partnerships with organizations from other countries. 

The joint venture within Quality Elements and the laboratory Federico Diaz enabled the production and distribution of large-scale Phosphoetanolamine Federico Diaz at a more affordable price, which gives access to a larger number of people.

Is an Uruguayan laboratory with more than 60 years of experience dedicated to the development of pharmaceutical specialities.
During that time it acquired prestige and recognition of the Uruguayan population.
It is known for the production of Lisado de Corazón, a product that promotes better health, acting in the dysfunctions of the nervous system and immune system (*).

Quality Elements is a company strategically based in Miami , Florida (USA), currently serving and representing internationally . Representing the most important manufacturers in the health market with the objective of facilitating by consolidating the transportation always assuring the quality and great product conditions. These products meant to serve Hospitals, Universities, Drug stores and organizations in the health area and resellers of products within these segments worldwide.
Quality Elements is the one who makes the manufacture of Phosphoetanolamine Federico Diaz in the USA possible and has a production capacity of up to 900 thousand units per month.


(*) - These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA agency. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.